Our fur babies are the love of our lives. Even though we have had the privilege of being owned by furry love bugs in the past, it’s our current bunch that gave us the inspiration for pet treats. Blessing, our two year old golden doodle has a very sensitive stomach (a very common problem in this breed) and that’s no help because she is very food motivated (don’t blame her!) Glad that she is in excellent health now but not too long ago diarrhea was a common occurrence every few days. The regular treats were not helping during her training. Even though she was eating (and was always hungry), the poor darling was not gaining any weight. We were getting tired of runs to Vet clinics and the mounting bills. Where Blessing’s sensitive stomach was a concern our other two – Murphy (Havanese) and Aslan (Balinese cat) were too picky to be tempted by any treats. Like humans each pet has a personality of their own. As pet parents we try to bring up our babies like we would bring up our human children. 

It was during this quest for finding the right option for each of our fur baby that we decided to try something that was healthy, guilt free and loved by them. Rich in natural nutrients like minerals, vitamins, taurine the hearts are muscle meat that are safer and easily digestible. At Hearty Heritage® we know and understand the responsibility that comes with being a pet parent. Pets are an integral part of our lives. It’s a bond of pure love. This is why Hearty Heritage® makes pure and wholesome, limited ingredient treats with love every step of the process, from trimming the fat to packaging and selling, all to reward the special bond that you and your pets share.

We are family owned and operated. We make the treats in small batches from locally sourced, hormone and antibiotics free, human grade ingredients to ensure quality. We believe that good nutrition is essential for healthy pets!